On June 29, 2012, four of Iowa’s premier health care organizations announced the creation of a health care alliance in Iowa and contiguous areas. The announcement was made in a statewide press conference, held in several cities simultaneously. The University of Iowa Health Alliance (UIHA), includes more than 50 hospitals and more than 160 physician clinics. The members of the alliance work together to advance the high quality of health care services, to improve the health status of patients and communities, and to achieve efficiencies that will help member organizations reduce the rising cost of care for their patients.

UIHA provides a platform for sharing expertise, selected support services and information technologies needed to succeed in the emerging “accountable care” systems. Working together in UIHA, members strive to increase the value of services provided, improve clinical integration between the members, provide more streamlined and coordinated care to patients, and ultimately improve the health of people in Iowa and other regions served.

University of Iowa Health Alliance

100 Court Avenue, Suite 405
Des Moines, IA 50309