Our History

Our History

Executives from all four of the organizations that form the UIHA noted they have longstanding relationships and a history of working together on selected projects.

The formation of UIHA on On June 29, 2012, was a significant step forward because it formalized the relationships and created an infrastructure to achieve real improvement and cost savings. In many ways it was the next logical step in the clinical relationships between the organizations.

The organizations worked together in various configurations for more than a year to analyze the changing health care environment, determine the best strategies and structures for responding to future demands to create better value for their patients and communities.

We are pleased and committed to working together to assure continued access to excellent health care for Iowans, as well as the shared expansion of our research and education missions into more communities. This is truly a very forward-thinking, exciting and innovative way to address the many changes in our health care environment.

We have approached this alliance in a very thoughtful way to ensure we’re moving in the right direction and at the right pace. We genuinely believe we are creating a ‘best of both worlds’ alliance that will bring real benefits to the founding members, to many other independent providers and organizations wishing to join with us, and to the people of Iowa we serve every day.

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