As An Accountable Care Organization,
We’re Healthier Together

With more than 3,000 providers, the University of Iowa Health Alliance is working to transform how health care is delivered. While maintaining their individual practices, these physicians are working together to deliver one, unified, approach to care delivery for a healthier Iowa.

We’re focused on innovating care coordination, clinically integrating, and promoting prevention that reduce cost and improve efficiency.

UIHA offers this Accountable Care Organization to work directly with insurance carriers and employers as it builds upon its own value-based care delivery and payment models. The UIHA ACO offers flexible solutions for a rapidly-changing marketplace, and the alliance is designed to support independent systems and physician groups.

  • Addressing consumer changes that cover defined contributions, insurance exchanges, and managed care organizations’ healthy behaviors programs.
  • Addressing new business models that require skill, scale and a significant investment of time and money in clinical integration and technology.
  • Aligning incentives with evolving payment models with the opportunity for greater bonus potential.
  • Managing insurance and payer risk.

A Transparent Organization

Value-based care is physician-led, focuses on patients, and integrates across all types of health care professionals to give the right services at the right time and place. We work to actively engage patients in their own health and wellness.

The UIHA ACO is guided by representatives from its member organizations:

  • A Physician Leadership Council that directs care delivery and performance management.
  • A Value Based Payment Council that directs finance and contractual operations in order to ensure alignment between clinical objectives and financial outcomes, providing transparency.
  • Supported by dedicated staff members that provide executive, operational, and marketing leadership.