We’re Healthier Together

Some 3,000 health care providers are working to transform how health care is delivered through their participation in the University of Iowa Health Alliance. While maintaining their individual practices, these physicians are working together to deliver one, unified, approach to care delivery for a healthier Iowa.

University of Iowa Health Alliance offers its own Accountable Care Organization and works directly with insurance carriers and employers as it builds upon its own value-based care delivery and payment models. We embrace population health as a means for achieving these changes.

Value-based care is physician-led, focuses on patients, and integrates across all types of health care professionals to give the right services at the right time and place. We work to actively engage patients in their own health and wellness, streamlining care through every stage of a patient’s health care journey.

Streamlining Clinical Care

Physicians within the University of Iowa Health Alliance Physician Leadership Council are defining new ways to simplify communications between primary care and specialist physicians. Emerging innovations now include:

  • Use of care models for common health conditions
  • Telehealth from the UI Health Care eHealth and eNovation Center© for communications between hometown physicians and Iowa City specialists promises better coordinated care for both city and rural populations
  • Investment in IT technology to find gaps in care, as well as evaluate clinical goals for population health management.

Research & Education Opportunities

The University of Iowa Health Alliance has training and mentoring opportunities available. We seek to participate in the latest research initiatives to develop pathways and protocols that will improve patient satisfaction, total cost and quality of care.

Join us as we make health care stronger for you – because we are stronger together.